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Founder Creation/Entrepreneurship Development

Do you have an idea for a startup?

Do you have an idea to serve an unmet need?

Do you have a suggestion on how to best use the Founders' Café forum to identify a steady flow of unmet needs?

Do you have an idea that is an improvement on a product that now exists?

Have you hit a snag in trying to launch a new idea?

Do you want to bounce an idea off of a group who will react constructively?

Dan Moore continues the quest for developing/encouraging/supporting company "founders" as we kick off the next  session of FOUNDERS CAFÉ:

  • How to find "unmet needs" in the market place. The message will be the ideas that are most successful are often needs that are out there "hiding in plain sight."
  • Discuss sources of unmet needs and how to determine whether a perceived need is truly a need.
  • Discuss how to fund very early stage ventures.

Founders Cafe is focused on getting you from an idea to a start up, and almost every entrepreneur will agree that the first step is the hardest.

If you attended a previous session and know of people who would benefit from the experience, please pass this information along to them and encourage them to join your group or another group that might be focused on their industry of interest.

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